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curso de citricultura

Citrus Center promotes classes to spread best practices in grove management

To make sure that the knowledge developed in laboratories and research fields reaches the orange groves has been one of the challenges of the Sylvio Moreira Citrus Center, one of the most traditional research organizations linked to the Secretariat of Agriculture of the state of São Paulo, focused on citrus studies in Brazil. Every year they organize a Citriculture Training, which aims to spread best practices and new technologies to several links in the production chain.

The action is in its 23rd edition and each event runs for a week and covers subjects like Postharvest technology, Irrigation, Soil conservation, Nutrition and Fertilization, Agrochemical application technology, Crop planning, among others.

The profile of students includes small citrus growers from São Paulo and other states like Goiás, Minas Gerais and Paraná, experts from large citrus companies, agronomist connected to other states, professionals from supply companies in the citrus chain, graduation students, citrus growers’ sons, post-graduation students working with citrus. Besides, the training also includes professionals from other countries, specially Mexico and Costa Rica.

For more information on this initiative, you can access the Citrus Center website, in Portuguese, click here