SUSTAINABLE JUICE is a CitrusBR initiative launched in mid-2015: it aims to help develop a sustainable, fair, environmentally-friendly and economically feasible citrus-fruit growing sector.

The initial goals of the platform are:

1 – to communicate up-to-date, well-organized and systematic messages about Brazil’s orange juice producing and exporting industry both domestically and internationally

2 – to create an interface between the demands of the overseas market and Brazilian stakeholders, publishing information on the consumer market, on important issues, market trends and standards that the sector is expected to meet

3 – to develop, support and facilitate projects in the fields of sustainability and CSR

4 – to help integrate the industry into public policies in sustainability and CSR

5 – to constantly bring outside audiences up to date about initiatives and projects, through institutionalized forums such as the CSR expert group of the European Fruit Juice Association (AIJN) and European CSR platform


Who takes part in it

At its inception, “Sustainable Juice” is starting out with CitrusBR and its members (Cutrale, Citrosuco and Louis Dreyfus), Brazil’s largest producers and exporters of orange juice and by-products.

Other industry stakeholders, are welcome to join projects and submit information to be published in the website about initiatives involving CSR and sustainability in Brazil.



Since its foundation in 2009, CitrusBR has worked to strengthen transparency in the industry, publishing quality information in a range of materials and communication outlets:

– publications containing detailed data on the industry

– press-releases containing harvest estimates and data on world orange juice stocks

– events organized by Citrusbr or in which it took part

– a website brought up to date on a daily basis containing news, statistics, weather information, reports on the industry from other sources, publications and downloadable images

– a You Tube video channel containing informational bulletins, short documentaries, technical reports and interviews

– since 2014: a magazine containing studies, technical and agricultural information, statistical data, harvest estimates, information on forthcoming events, domestic and international interviews, case studies, best practices, and special reports on chosen markets


Find out more about citrusbr at www.citrusbr.com/en