Sustainability on the agenda categories: Environment, Sustainability, Transparency


Committee foresees partnerships with the private initiative in order to strengthen innovation process and to seek resources

The Brazilian government, through the Ministry of Agriculture, announced the return of the Committee on Sustainable Development of Agribusiness (CDSA, in Portuguese) of the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply (MAPA, in Portuguese). The goal is to propose innovation on public policy towards sustainability in the countryside and stand out successful projects in this segment. “Brazil is making great strides in its environmental policy, however it still needs to find the resources to make it feasible for the rural properties. The more modern environmental NGOs are forming important alliances with farmers, companies and the financial sector in order to seek innovative solutions in this regard”, explained the special advisor on environment and sustainability of MAPA, Mr. João Campari.

The committee will also follow all demands in MAPA related to environment and sustainability in livestock activity themes, analyzing, making referrals and assisting congressmen to make decisions.

CDSA is directly under the Executive Secretariat of the Ministry (the coordinator of CDSA) and will count on the participation of the National Company of Supplying (Conab, in Portuguese) and the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa, in Portuguese).  Besides other agencies in MAPA, the CDSA will seek partnerships with other Ministries, the private sector and NGOs.

You can check the regulation, in Portuguese, at the website