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With 88 years of history, the Citrus Center contributes to spread best practices in Brazilian groves.

Around the Brazilian citrus activity was built an important technological park, which in the last few years has generated a series of knowledge on varieties, ways of planting, sanitary control, and several other essential points for the sustainability of this agricultural activity. One of the center of excellence in research focused on citrus is the Sylvio Moreira Citrus Center, linked to the Agronomic Institute of Campinas (IAC), an agency linked to the Secretariat of Agriculture of the state of São Paulo.

Founded in 1928, the center is located in a 70.2 hectares area and has 63 researchers. Among the main lines of scientific and technological research for the citrus industry are production and supply of seeds, buds, seedlings and genetic arrays, diagnoses of citrus pathogens, quality analysis of fruits, among others.

Besides working on a series of studies and researches, the Center works as an important information spreader, offering a series of free courses during the year. One of the most wanted is a citrus diseases course, which offers a series of lectures with some of the main experts in the country on a number of illnesses that strike the groves.

The Center also works as a kind of meeting point of the Brazilian citrus chain. After all, every year it is the host of one of the most traditional citrus events in the country, the Citrus Week. The event gathers different sector’s segment during a week to debate the paths of the citrus activity and to multiply the knowledge around the citrus production.