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The forecast for the orange production in the citrus belt, which covers the municipalities of the State of São Paulo and Triângulo Mineiro, is a production of 364.48 million boxes. The number is the result of the Orange Production Forecast (PES, in Portuguese), a project developed by Fundecitrus, a research organization that gathers the citrus industry and growers. In addition to the production forecast, the research uses a modern methodology to census the areas of citrus production, collecting important data such as planted area, age of groves, productivity, density, among others. In its third year of implementation, for the first time the PES counted on 100% adhesion of growers. That means, in all properties selected for verification, citrus growers will open their doors and receive the project teams. In total, 2,645 farms were visited, in a total of 502 thousand kilometers. This way, the partnership between growers and industry provides the collection of reliable data, essential for the business sustainability.


Check the video below explaining the entire model of this work.