The citrus industry in the center of the stage categories: agrochemicals, Education, Environment, Research, Sustainability, technology


The event gathered representatives of different links in the citrus chain from around the world to discuss the sector’s sustainability

The sustainability of the citrus chain was the central theme at the 13th International Citrus Congress, one of the main citrus event in the world. From September 18th to 23rd, the event, which took place in Foz do Iguaçu, in the state of Paraná, south region of Brazil, gathered over 1 thousand participants from 35 countries to debate the main challenges of the sector.

In over 18 plenary sessions, the event, organized by the Agronomic Institute of Paraná (IAPAR), in partnership with the Agronomic Institute of Campinas, discussed what’s new in cultivation science, pest control, fertilization and plant nutrition, and also technological innovation for the fruit processing industry. One of the key themes was the discussion around the scientific way to introduce citrus greening genetically resistant plants, one of the main citrus’ disease. “The goal of the event is to generate knowledge to expand the economic, environmental and social sustainability of the citrus agribusiness”, highlighted Mr. Eduardo Fermino Carlos, IAPAR researcher and member of the Congress’ organization committee.

Now, for the coordinator of the Citrus Health department of the Agricultural Defense Agency of Paraná (Adapar), the public agency link to the state government of Paraná, Mr. José Grossi, the discussions during the event will meet the demand for products with less agrochemicals during the process of fruit production. “The trend is to reduce the use of agrochemicals in the groves, complying with the environmental and consumer requirements”, he underlined. “It’s up to science, research and agricultural extension to help the grower seek efficiency under the financial, environmental and human health aspect as well”, he added.