To the ILO, Brazil is a leader in fighting child labour categories: Labour, Social, Transparency

One of the main programmes developed by the Brazilian federal government is that “Programme to eradicate child labour”, with a series of initiatives to prevent children under 16 to work (children above 14 are allowed to work, only certain conditions, as apprentices).

The programme comprises income transfer, especially via the “Bolsa Família” programme, social assistance services and frequent follow-up of families involved, acting in conjunction with states, municipalities and the civil society.

According to the regional director of the ILO for Latin America and Caribe, Mr. José Manuel Salazar-Xirinachs, who visited Brazil last july to know the current actions and results of the plan “Brazil without misery”, “Brazil is a leader in child labour eradication”. In addition, he said he was “Satisfied to see the successes in Brazil, that may be an example to other countries”.

Source: Website of the Brazilian Federal Government