Sustainable Initiative – Partnership between ANDAV and the Secretariat of Agriculture brings good results for the input sector categories: Videos

The partnership between ANDAV (National Association of Distributors of Agricultural and Veterinary Inputs) and the Secretariat for Agriculture and Supply of the State of São Paulo have yielded important initiatives not only for the input sector, but also for Brazilian agribusiness.

It’s the case of the National Clean Field Day, which reinforces the importance of inspection and awareness on the legality and quality of the inputs used by farmers. In the last event, held in Taubaté, around 330 tons of obsolete pesticides that were left on properties and in commerce were incinerated, without knowing exactly what destination they would have.

Another partnership between the agencies is the one that is developing the new system to monitor the flow of marketed products, mapping the path of the input purchased from the acquisition by the distributor to the purchase by the final consumer. “We want it to be a powerful tool to fight informality and piracy, and to be a way to value all the work that the distribution sector does,” said the Secretary of Agriculture, Mr. Arnaldo Jardim.

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